Frequently Asked Questions

When will Turbyne become publicly available?

Turbyne will be out of beta in early 2024, but you can reach out for a sneak peek now!

Can I get a demo to see Turbyne in action?

Yup! You can book a demo here.

Is Turbyne just for retailers?

Currently only retailers can purchase Turbyne, but the platform is designed to benefit the entire retail media ecosystem. We provide retailers with an unlimited number of users for all brands, agencies, and media partners who participate in their media offerings.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Our onboarding experience is (mostly) painless, and we hope to get you to live in as little as 30 days. You will have a dedicated customer success partner who will guide you through set-up, integration and provide full training before going live.

Is Turbyne intended to replace our existing partners like Criteo, CitrusAd, Trade Desk etc.?

No, Turbyne works with any and all retail partners. Our role is to create a seamless ecosystem that makes it easier to plan, sell, buy, and execute media.

Can you really integrate with any partner? How does it work?

Yes, we typically integrate via API if the partner has one available. If the partner does not, we would share files as needed. In either scenario, the partner will have access to Turbyne to both approve inventory and load data, as necessary.

How does pricing work?

We offer both SAAS model and performance-based pricing. We personalize a structure that fits your needs and will always be designed to grow with you.

How much time could I save?

Our pilot customer experienced a 4x gain in efficiency compared to executions without Turbyne.

We are just getting started, can you help us develop creative or content to engage brands? outreach etc.?

Absolutely. We know that every retailer has unique needs, so we offer services to fill any gap along the way. Of course, we are happy to introduce agencies that can support you if we are not the right fit.

Have any other questions?

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