About Us

Why we are here

You probably already know that we make it easier to plan, sell and execute media. But what truly sets us apart and drives us forward is our belief in the 'why' behind what we do. We’ve seen that as new ways to drive revenue through data and technology emerge, so do barriers, like managing a more complex ecosystem of channels, platforms, and stakeholders, often with conflicting priorities, and timelines. These complexities are inhibiting much of the progress that should come from all of the innovation.

That's why we, as a team with decades of experience in retail, media, and adtech took on the challenge of making it easier for retailers to connect with people and brands everywhere.

Our promise is simple: we want to unlock the true potential of retail media for retailers who strive to deliver the most value through media.
While we are incredibly proud that Turbyne will help retailers drive incremental revenue and work smarter, we’ve only just begun. We're committed to pushing boundaries, constantly innovating, and unlocking even greater possibilities for retailers.

Retailers can create full funnel, omnichannel workflows in minutesConsolidates planning into a single workflow from creation to creative to billingInventoryEngage brands of all sizes with sales enablement tools

Meet our team

Greg Stevens


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Marc Walkin

Head of Marketing & Strategy

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Dave Nicoll

Head of Product & Technology

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Warren Prostko

Customer Success

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